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Currer Bell
United Kingdom
nothing sinister. nothing evil. nothing disgusting.
just a strange stranger asking a strange thing from strangers.

Blog site:

I am starting a post project, (very Fluxus.)

I want people to post through illustrations, paintings, scribble, doodles, maths homework, sums, science notes, nouhts and crosses, quotes, lyrics, type, film, print screens, accidental photos, magazine cutouts, found object, a love letter, a poem, a bus ticket, a thought, chewed gum, swine flu virus, a thought, a memory, a secret, a petal, a stamp, french phrases etc etc on the back or front of a postcard (whether it is new, recently bought from a seaside. old and damaged. re-used and resent postcards. a do it your own one. on the back of a photo etc.)i want this to be a 'physical' project. i dont really want to be sent computer images via email.


send to:

Natalie-Danielle Adkins
269a Broadway

(UK, London)

i know the name 'mr postman' may, scream out to some, "pedo!!!"
(its actually a Carpenters song)

I understand we live in cautious times, so i wont feel offended if there is no reply or a disturbed stare at the screen- im sure that shows you are sane.

tbh, if anyone should be worried its me- i could get sent disturbing things, for those in the know could steal my identity (another me walking around, not nice) and i am breaking one of the fundemental rules of the internet 'never give out your address' which explains the dif name.

my birthday is 25th August 1992, i am currently still in school- i would say what school but a clever person could track me down. i study fine art, media, history and english lit.
i like noah and the whale and bob dylan. i drink tea with 2 1/2 sugars. and i wear alot of grey.

why am i doing this?
the project concept is hard to describe it open to interpretation, to me its 'communiation' and lack of it in the 21st Century despite it becomming easier. we communicate 'Wshing Mah Hair LOLZ' and update our exsistance, but that is all it seems to be update after update on a impersonal screen,the screen acting as a barier.

This Quote on Mail Art:

Mail art or networking art is an alternative art that puts its emphasis on communication. Communication is its message. A communication that goes beyond the boundaries, both in space and in a spiritual sense. Mail art networking considers art as a product of communication, fruit of the human work (the work), and as a web of relations among the senders united throughout a net (the net) that makes connexions possible for them. Similar to internet, where there is no central head, each networker (mail artist) acts as a contact point of recyclement and creation of communication and information.

Thus, mail art is neither a style, nor a specific technique nor one of the many „isms" in art, but a creative process in community. Everybody is welcome in mailart. All participants are equally worth, the interchange is made by post, fax, e-mail and WorldWideWeb. In this way, a global culture develops from the basis, building worldwide networks of artists of the most different disciplines. Some of these disciplines are the performance art, music, video, rubber stamp art, conceptual art, painting, graphic, poetry, visual poetry, land art, body art, multimedia, virtual art and some others; also here mail art - being interdisciplines part of its essence - puts no boundaries.

Fluxus is an attitude. It is not a movement or a style.[4]
Fluxus is intermedia.Found and everyday objects, sounds, images, and texts to create new combinations of objects, sounds, images, and texts.
Fluxus works are simple. The art is small, the texts are short.
Fluxus is fun. Humour has always been an important element in Fluxus.


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How many letters have you received so far?
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